joining pinay wahms’ $800 giveaway!

Pinay WAHMs' $800 Giveaway

3 of mum’s mummy blogger friends are celebrating their birthdays this month + they came up with this super cool giveaway! + did i mention this blog is one of the sponsors? yup, i guess mum was so psyched about her new pr1 that she’s been signing up for quite a number of these blog sponsorships. anyhow, i guess it is all good ;D

going back to this bonggang giveaway, take a look at what you can win if you are one of the lucky winners:

  • paypal cash
  • gc’s for wahmaholic blog designs
  • .com/.info domain + 1 year free hostings from pinay mommy online

+ here are the very easy things you need to do to join:

  • make a blog post about the giveaway
  • follow the mummies blogs thru google friend connect
  • like their facebook fanpage
  • grab their badge + place it on your sidebar

easy enough, right? so waste no time + join this contest. check out the contest page for more details 馃槈


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as for me, i am hoping we could win some cash so mum can have additional budget for our birthday next month ;D

contest is up until the end of the month + winners will be announce on 05 august.

good luck dudes!



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my new domain!


i did tell you about having a new domain,聽 which now housed our blog here in wp,聽 awhile back, right? mum has been joining all sorts of online + blog giveaways + this time time, she got very lucky to win a domain of her choice from The Birthday + Beauty Giveaway by :

thanks to Mommy Ria + to Mommy Mylene who sponsored the prize. i do hope our winning streak continues, who knows what we might be winning next, right? as for my mum, am guessing a meet-and-greet with either incubus or 30 seconds to mars will be on top of her list 馃槈

so let’s join some more giveaways, shall we? 馃槈

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hi fives july!

July, calendar

wow! we are done with half of the year + just two more months before i turn 2! yipee! i don’t think there will be quite a celebration much like last year’s but am sure mum is cooking up something to celebrate my two years of life. i am sure it’s going to be fun 馃槈

last month had been one heck of a roller coaster ride, what with my blog’s unexpected transfer from my old home (blogger) into this brand spankin’ new wordpress space (which reminds me, i have not thanked the person responsible for my new domain, so there goes another post coming up) + am enjoying every minute of it so far, although mum has a lot of new things to learn, am sure she is having a great time, too! 馃槈

i have not been out much the last month, blame it on the bad weather + typhoon Falcon in general. It pretty rained most of the days that it is quite inconvenient to go out + go some place. well, it was a good thing we never ran out of things to watch, i’ve been watching tangled + a new-found favorite, finding nemo, for days on end + mum alternates it with other cartoons we have. i have also been joining my tito ken in his harry potter movie marathons, lately.

july is another rainy month here in our part of the world, i only hope typhoons to come won’t be as bad as the last + that there will be more sunny days so i can get out much.

online, mum will be very busy trying to do much of the work around my blog this month. + a new blog design is included in the line up. it is about time for this blog to look more fun + kid-friendly 馃檪

also, if you can do me a teensy-weensy favor, please add my blog to your blog list, see i have lost most of my links when i transferred to this new domain + am now working to re-build them again. i’ll have a separate post for that too!

so that’s about it from me, i hope we all have a wonderful + safe july! please visit my blog regularly, if you can + leave those comments, we will be delighted to read them + return the favor 馃榾

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last harry potter movie

my tito ken + i have been watching this a lot lately. this is the trailer for the new harry potter film (the last of ’em according to my mum). i actually find voldemort so mean + scary + i actually cried a few times in some scenes where he was shown, especially that scene in part 1 of this film where he was having a meeting with his death eaters + he screamed! i was startled that led to my crying. i startle easily you see!

i really don’t know why the grown-ups like this a lot, it is way too dark for my taste. i’d really love to see some colors + singing + dancing, maybe i should stick to my disney cartoons for now, what say you? 馃槈

i am sure mum won’t pass up on the chance to have me photographed beside a larger than life harry potter poster or whatever you call those displays in cinemas, so i guess, for the potter fanatic out there, it will be something to watch out for.

have a great one folks! 馃槈



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