plants vs zombies plush toys i want!

plants vs zombies

when i was a little younger (+ mum still used to go to work), my dad (most times, it’s my tita cecil) + i would spend time in front of the pc playing this cool game. mum was addicted to it an one time too. i simply love the characters, especially the pea shooters + the stump! but more than that, i actually enjoyed the fun + cool sounds that accompanied this game.even the sound when the zombies finally invaded the house past the yard, into the persons brain! 😀

people at home went into a plant vs zombie frenzy for a while, that is why i asked mum to join this cool giveaway by SAHM Collections, Reviewer’s Haven, Bulinggit Corner and Blogging from Home. am sure they’d melt at the sight of these super cute plushies in case i win, i know i would 😉

all you need is follow really simple steps + you will be entered in the giveaway. check out the instructions here + that’s about it. after that,  we cross our fingers + wait till the winners are announced on 05 august. in the meantime,  i  will let mum do the dirty work 😀

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  1. Plants vs Zombies is a good game. Actually, it’s my favorite computer game aside from Cooking Dash. btw, you can purchase these stuff toys online but of course, we prefer to win it than to buy! 🙂

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