toy stories 06: winnie the pooh plushy


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winnie the pooh is not really one of my favorites but it turned out that i have quite a few stuffs with him on it (check out my ball + my bedsheet), + now i have this little infant winnie the pooh stuff toy. well, he is really cute + lovable that it is very easy to like him really + i guess it was my mum + my titas who loved him 🙂

this little winnie the pooh stuff toy is one of the first toys i have ever owned. my tita cel bought this when i was just a very little fellow of several months old. it actually doubles as a rattle which is an ideal toy for infants + little babies. now that i’ve grown, winnie actually sleeps along with my other “little baby” toys in the nook just outside my playpen. i do play with them sometimes when i get bored or when i get the inspiration.

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  1. Your Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy is so cute! It looks like a sleeping baby. I have a Piglet version of that, since he is my favorite. 🙂

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