a kiss caught on cam!

kissone of the things i’d love to do is give my mum a random kiss + catch her by surprise. she loves it much, i tell you! i do it out of the blue + she’d be totally clueless, she’ll be caught off-guard…i love giving mum surprises + see her reaction. 😀

this is one of those rare occasions when they catch me giving mum a kiss on cam, we were all by ourselves most of the time, that when i threw her a kiss, no one else is around to capture it for posterity. we were out in the mall back then + i was being playful + all + kissed mum all of a sudden. glad my tito-ninong dennis was able to get a snapshot! read about our weekend adventure here.

have you been giving your mum random kisses lately? tell! 😉

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  1. I dont give my mom kisses anymore that is for small boys, I’m a big guy now. I still bond with my her through shopping and eating and when that special time arrives again (going back to Canada, where her husband lives) I give her a very, very warm and long hug that even I couldn’t breath hehe

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