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Thank you, blocksas we bid goodbye to july + say hello to my favorite month (i guess you knew why by now ;)), i’d like to give my shout outs to the following who have been faithfully visiting my little corner, thank you all sooo much:

  1. Keanna Keanna (4)
  2. MOmmy Jes MOmmy Jes (4)
  3. Willa @ Smart Boys Willa @ Smart Boys (4)
  4. cheerful cheerful (3)
  5. dorry lyn dorry lyn (3)
  6. mommy-jheng mommy-jheng (3)
  7. Ms. Burrito Ms. Burrito (3)
  8. Pinx Pinx (3)
  9. tejan tejan (3)

i shall be placing the top 3 commenters for one whole month on my sidebar as a token of my appreciation, MOmmy Jes please send me a copy of your badge since I can’t find one in your site + Ate Keanna, kindly send me your shipping details as I have a little something for you in the mail (are you just around the Philippines, by the way?). i will also be sending a little something for Mommy Willa + Mommy Jes 😉 i might have something in store for this month’s top commenter, as well, so please stay tuned 🙂

i wish everyone an awesome august + please watch out for my birthday giveaway, too, which will be launched tomorrow. see y’all! 😉



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