kids in doodles: jared + making faces

making faces, kids
my own version of the smoulder look

making faces is one of the funnest things to do, not only will it help you pass away the time, it is also most entertaining + will make you + your loved ones laugh while you take turns doing it.

making faces, kids
just trying to be funny 🙂

a few weeks back, mum + i had nothing to do so she got the camera out + took these snapshots of me while i tried making these funny faces.

making faces, kids
biting-my-lip look

it was actually very enjoyable + mum + i had a great laugh. she also tried to imitate the funny faces that i made but was not as successful 🙂

making faces, kids
my staring-contest look

it is actually very easy to do to, all you have to do is imitate a funny face made by your favorite cartoon character or your mum or anyone you saw recently + viola, you’ve just made a funny face all your own! 🙂

got any kids-in-doodles moments you’d like to share?

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  1. you’re soo cute.. I hope my child will be cute too.. ^_^ just like you Jared!! you’re mom is lucky to have you.. hehe

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