kids in doodles: jared + the computer

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today i will tell you a bit about one of my favorite things – our computer. i don’t watch in the tellie that often, but i get to watch my favorite pocoyo episodes or favorite videos and movies through the computer (i guess it actually helps that the pc is located in my room, so i get to use it very often).

mum is also using the computer a lot, especially when she’s checking her facebook account or updating our blogs (of course this blog included, i ask her to update it for me, since i am still quite a tad smaller to update it on my own) or joining online games and giveaway and whatever else she has to do online.

computer, kids, play

sometimes i can get so naughty and bug her while she’s working, most often i’d be sitting right next to the cpu, pushing buttons here + there (yes, i have accidentally + sometimes deliberately pushed the power button a number of times, too!) or twiddling with the keyboard + pressing on the sleep button much to my mum’s amusement/exasperation/surprise!

sometimes, i get some scolding but more often that not, i get away with it! my mum would either end up turning the pc or turning it back on again + let me watch my favorite film, which happens to be cars + the incredibles at the moment 😉

got any kids-in-doodles stories you’d like to share today? 😉

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  1. whoa. ang likot mo ha. haha. curious ka sa mga pinipindot sa pc. now i think you might be in the field of computer someday. at the very young age you are exposed to computer snd stuffs. :))

  2. You are such a curious child. My son does the same thing when he was little and he annoys me a lot. Later I taught him how to play computer games. As early as 2 y/o he was able to play Plants vs. Zombies well and also Crazy Taxi. Now he’s already 3 and he plays various games like Super Mario (online) and car racing.

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