kids in doodles: Jared went a-doodling

kids, doodlesmum brought me a 12-piece pack of crayon last christmas, she thinks it is about the right time to introduce me to these colorful things + i guess she thought right as i have taken on to these tiny colorful sticks!

it is part of my morning ritual to grab my colors (which are neatly placed in my pencil case, it is actually mum’s which was given to her by one of her mummy blogger friends :)) + spread them around the room or use it to write some doodles everywhere.

recently mum gave me her notebook so i can doodle on something so i did! i used different crayons for this doodle: purple, red, yellow + others. look what i have made so far. do you like it?

kids, doodles

doodling is one of the activities that i enjoy doing + mum enjoyed it too.

care to share your doodles with us? 😉

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  1. doodling is fun. it will keep you busy since you cannot play outside often this rainy reason. way to go Jared. 🙂

    1. agree Mommy Clang, my son includes the electric fan + the cpu for his doodles 😀

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    2. Jared made a freedom wall out of the electric fan + cpu, too! not to mention the walls + the white door, but it is okay as long as he is having fun, i’ll just worry about cleaning + scrubbing them later on 🙂

    1. am sure mum will keep the doodles for posterity + loads of good laugh in the future , thanks:)

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