messy-go-round: Jared + the messy buds

kids, playone of the things in our room that i really enjoy playing with are the cotton buds. i get the kicks at removing them from their resealable pack (of course, i ask mum’s help to do this for me ;)) + scattering them either on my mat, or the floor, my playpen or the bed (much like what in the photo).

kids, play

i like it when the tiny white cotton buds are strewn all over the place, disorderly + messy. i tried to count them one by one + grabbed as many as i can with my grubby little hands. it is very much fun 😉

so, what have you been messing about lately?

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  1. That’s weird but cute. hahaha. Kids really like discovering things on their own ways.

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  2. However since nakasanayan na nya I cant take it off so I made an alternative. Instead of cleaning/tickling his ears with cotton buds so he can sleep I just massage his feet. Much much better.

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