my orange baby powder

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one of my favorite things is my orange baby powder. i’ve tried a few brands before + so far we like this one best. aside from having anti-rash qualities, it is also made up of pure + natural sterilized talcum powder that is just great for my delicate skin.

i simply love it when mum put this on me after i take a bath or during diaper change or during playtime when i get all sweaty and smelly, see i perspire a lot + needed frequent application of powder especially on my back to prevent sweat + keep my back dry 😀 it keeps me fresh + it also has this delicate, gentle smell that i love.

it comes in this cute orange/white container + i love playing with it, too, whenever i get the chance.

what is your orange share this tuesday?



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  1. Yes Jared, you have to put baby powder particularly when the weather is hot or humid to avoid rashes. I also apply powder on my kids body after bathing them however I’m using J&J’s cornstarch powder.

  2. your mommy’s sweet, and that’s a nice powder! visiting you from OT, hope you can visit me back! thanks and enjoy the weekend. 🙂

  3. baby powder maks young baby feel fresh and keep them in many rushes problems… I’m glad you feel comfortable and safe with that orange powder.. ^_^ kids are really sensitive to you really need to keep safe.. ^_^

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