an early birthday card from eq

birthday card, EQwe got this in the mail a few weeks back. it was sent by eq diapers club where mum is a member of. the letter contains a very early birthday card for me + several discount coupons to toy stores, a cake shop + an ice cream discount vouchers to a 24/7 convenient store. am not sure though if we will ever get to use the coupons + vouchers that went along with the card, but i definitely like the card, especially the picture of the balloons in front of it! i am enjoying balloons at the moment (see my post here)

thank you eq for sending me my very first birthday card ever! i have been using these dappies since i was just a tiny tot + so far  i’ve also received a green frog table from them last year + am now waiting for my wooden puzzle toy.  i guess it pays to be an eq dry user, right? ;D

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toy stories 07: mickey + minnie mouse shape sorter

toys, kids

this is my mickey mouse shape sorter, it was gifted to me by my ninang joey on my first birthday. what i particularly like about this toy are the letter-shaped + number-shaped pieces. there are 2 pieces each of A,B,C + 1,2,3 in different colors  which you have to fit into their matching shaped-holes in the lid of the shape sorter.  i usually cheat and tried to fit all the numbers + letters into a single hole (much to my mum’s chagrin). apart from that, i also enjoy throwing them just about anywhere + mum would have to retrieve them in different parts of the room like under the bed, or in different nooks + crannies of my playpen.

oh well, maybe when i am a bit bigger, i’d figure out how to fit the pieces into their proper holes without much help from my mum + play with them properly 😀

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my orange brush + comb

orange stuffs

these are my orange comb + brush which mum bought last may from sm pampanga. i originally had a set of infant comb/brush set which mum got before i was even born but they are now worn out + tattered, not to mention they are now so tiny to put my hair in place. i also used the comb-end  as an improvised teether when i was a bit little so my scalp would actually complain of scrapes and cuts if i were to use it now 🙂

i kinda like this set better than the last one. plus, the orange + white combination is quite cool to the eyes. i play with these stuff every now + then, + is beginning to attempt to chew on the comb-end again! hehe! i’ve also learned how to use them + would comb my hair on my own with this pair after taking a bath + a little cajoling from my mum 🙂

what is your orange stuff for the week?

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kids in doodles:playing with my blue balloon

kids, play, balloon

it was another gloomy + rained down weekend, as much mum loved for us to go out in the sun, the sun is nowhere to be found + it was raining cats + dogs for days on end, we had no choice but to stay at home. glad i enjoyed watching the raindrops splattering onto puddles of rainwater in the ground from my bedroom window.

kids, play, balloon

on saturday evening tita cecille came home with this nice blue balloon.  i had loads of fun playing with it the next day. mum enjoyed watching me throw this thing in the air then went around the room to catch it wherever it lands. she had a bit of a trouble keeping up with the livewire,  i was all over the place + i was gone the moment she clicks on the cam. that explains why the first photo was a little bit blurry 🙂 after a while, mum had to give up + played with me  instead. + it made playtime doubly fun!

how did you spend your rainy weekend? tell me about it, + while you’re here you might as well check out my birthday giveaway, it makes passing the rainy days more fun, plus you will even get to win $100 cash if you are lucky 😉

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kids in doodles

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a kiss caught on cam!

kissone of the things i’d love to do is give my mum a random kiss + catch her by surprise. she loves it much, i tell you! i do it out of the blue + she’d be totally clueless, she’ll be caught off-guard…i love giving mum surprises + see her reaction. 😀

this is one of those rare occasions when they catch me giving mum a kiss on cam, we were all by ourselves most of the time, that when i threw her a kiss, no one else is around to capture it for posterity. we were out in the mall back then + i was being playful + all + kissed mum all of a sudden. glad my tito-ninong dennis was able to get a snapshot! read about our weekend adventure here.

have you been giving your mum random kisses lately? tell! 😉

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