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hello everyone, how’s your saturday so far? if truth be told, i am actually taking my afternoon nap while mum updates my blog {come on, am only 2, you didn’t think i can really update my blog on my own, did ya? :)}

we are having a much deserved down-time. see i was out 3 times for the last 7 days + this little guy needs to rest + take a break. i will post about our simple dinner celebration for mum’s birthday, our zoobic safari adventure {my birthday} + my playdate with mum + dad at activefun in the coming days.

we were supposed to attend my pal rylan‘s 2nd birthday party but we cannot for some reasons. so, even if i am not with you on your special day, buddy, know that we wish you all the best + enjoy your day!happy birthday!

happy weekend everyone! 😉

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  1. it’s a good thing that you were out again and having fun after all these rainy days.
    I took my kids out too today, we attended a children’s party and they met Dora {the explorer} and Spongebob Squarepants {mascots}!

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