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a bunch of paper bags have been lying lazily in a corner of our house for awhile now. mum said they are the gift packs for the consolation prize winners of our recently concluded birthday giveaway. one of those big paper bags include this colorful gift pack which mum will be sending to one of our winners, mommy sheng.

colorful gift packs, giveaway prizeapart from the gift pack, mum will also be sending these colorful items to mommy sheng. would you like to know what they are? see here i’ve made a list 🙂

  • a bunch of lovely postcards {mum’s new-found hobby}
  • the blue box contains the token she won from mum’s blog
  • some baby products for little iris
  • a gc
  • a little gift for iris {she + her mum celebrated their birthdays last month}

sadly, we were not able to ship these goodies until now, mum tried a couple of times but the couriers refused to ship the item in the blue box. hopefully we can send them the next time we go out so we can make mummy sheng + baby iris happy 🙂

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  1. very nice! lucky sheng, haha! i missed that giveaway, jared. would love to win those sana. happy to know that a lot of people are into postcards nowadays. enjoy the rest of the week, jared!

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