kids in doodles: jared + the lightsaber

play, kids, toys, kids in doodles
that's me mounting our closet

another great play spot i’ve discovered recently is our little closet. unlike one of those big closets, ours is actually a children closet + stands several inches taller that i do + i was surprised to discover that i can actually stand inside it while playing.

play, kids, toys, kids in doodles
removing the lightsaber from its perch

apart from playing inside the closet, i was delighted to find out that i can actually remove the bar which mum used to hang our clothes on, + used it as a toy, like a lightsaber, probably. i would brandish the lightsaber around + have so much fun doing it 😀

play, kids, kids in doodles, toys
Obi-wan kenobi?

am sure you’ve got loads of kids in doodles stories + photos, share it with us here:

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  1. ang haba n ng hair ni jared 😀

    ang cute naman nyang doodling kid n yan :)) gstong gusto ni ethan yang mga ganyang gawain eh :))

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