missing our old messy house


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even if i am enjoying my stay here in our new home, exploring every nook + cranny + deciding that the 2nd floor balcony is  my second favorite {next to the stairs ;)}, there are times when i still miss our old home.

i miss exploring our big house + running out to the yard every morning. i miss sitting in the cemented floor outside + exploring, touching rocks, fallen leaves + looking at wandering dogs + chickens.

i also miss scattering my stuff on the floor, just like what i did with my stuffs on this photo, i’ve thrown my toy eggs + crayons + a baby book on the floor, until my room’s all messy. it is my favorite pastime, you see, + am attempting to do this in our new place, too 😉

but, what i miss most of all are my cousins + the time i spent playing with them for hours. i also miss my tito ken so much. i have not seen them for 3 weeks now. we visited 2 sundays ago but kuya sean + ate shane were not home. even tito ken went out for his usual sunday practice.

i hope we can visit home soon so i can get to play with them…

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  1. I own a house that I share with my boyfriend, our two year old daughter, and my boyfriend’s sister. I am THE ONLY ONE who cleans. It’s so stressful to try and keep a house clean when you are the only one who cleans it. It doesn’t really bother my boyfriend or his sister if the house is messy. I HATE a messy house. But it gets messy so fast it is hard for me to keep up when I am cleaning up after myself, my daughter, my boyfriend, and his sister. My daughter makes most of the mess. Her toys, clothes, food, and messes are always all over the floor. If I don’t clean it no one else will. It has gotten to the point where I have given up. Things need to be cleaned and put away

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