my cousins

kids, play, Jared
my ate shane

kuya sean + ate shane are my favorite cousins in the world {i’ve only got 2, by the way ;)} .i enjoy playing with them, laughing with them + watching my favorite cartoons with them. kuya sean also lets me borrow all his toys + i share mine with them, too. we spent so many hours just playing or biking around the neighborhood with kuya sean pushing while ate shane drives the bike. me, am just the rider at the back + mum looks after us to make sure we are safe + not wandering out in the streets.

kids, play, Jared, family
my kuya sean

since we moved to our new home, i haven’t seen my cousins + it has been 3 weeks already. we visited our house a week ago, but they are out somewhere. i only get to see their pet hamsters + i enjoyed watching them while they much on their grasses. too bad, mum did not have the camera that time, i hope we can take photos of the hamsters so i can share them here.

oh, well, i just wish i’d see my cousins soon as i am missing them already….

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