my new favorite little corner

kids, play, Jared

this is my new little corner…our 2nd floor balcony, which is just outside our bedroom.

every morning when i wake up, i’d ask mum to open the door upstairs that leads to the balcony. i love to play there + feel the soft breeze of the morning {or late morning – as i usually wake up quite late ;)}, aside from that, i also love to see the view from here, the cars passing by {which i’d be very quick to note, by the way!}, the birds perched in the roof nearby, or the children walking to + from school which is not too far from our place + just see the wide open sky before me.

or sometimes, i’d just walk from one end of the balcony to the other end or peer through the grills + see what’s down there. maybe one day we can put up a tent + camp out here 🙂

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  1. my mom told me when i was little one like Jared i used to stand at the upstairs balcony.Sometimes my mom didnt let me go there so i wept bitterly for this and then i stooud up there with my mom.

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