jared’s little corner sponsors it’s sembreak!giveaway

that is right! it is sem break {at least for who are going to college} + i bet loads of students are looking forward to this time with much anticipation. i bet they are all delighted that school is over + they can devote more time for fun + play + whatever else they would like to spend their precious time with. well, i guess i’d be as happy as they are when my time comes πŸ™‚

sem break is also one of the reasons why one of mum’s blogger friends is having a giveaway + jared’s little corner is one of the sponsors. it was very easy to win, you just follow 3 simple steps which are made up of facebook likes, gfc follow + twitter follow! prizes at stake include:

  • $80 paypal cash
  • $40 paypal cash
  • $10 paypal cash
  • .com domain with free hosting
  • .info domain with free hosting
  • ad slots for your blog

mum really loves joining {+ sponsoring, too, if she has the budget!} giveaway so i bet she won’t pass up on joining this one. you can join, too. just check out the rafflecopter down there for instructions. i hope you all join our giveawa + good luck πŸ˜‰

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missing our old messy house


Messy baby, kids, play

even if i am enjoying my stay here in our new home, exploring every nook + cranny + deciding that the 2nd floor balcony is Β my second favorite {next to the stairs ;)}, there are times when i still miss our old home.

i miss exploring our big house + running out to the yard every morning. i miss sitting in the cemented floor outside + exploring, touching rocks, fallen leaves + looking at wandering dogs + chickens.

i also miss scattering my stuff on the floor, just like what i did with my stuffs on this photo, i’ve thrown my toy eggs + crayons + a baby book on the floor, until my room’s all messy. it is my favorite pastime, you see, + am attempting to do this in our new place, too πŸ˜‰

but, what i miss most of all are my cousins + the time i spent playing with them for hours. i also miss my tito ken so much. i have not seen them for 3 weeks now. we visited 2 sundays ago but kuya sean + ate shane were not home. even tito ken went out for his usual sunday practice.

i hope we can visit home soon so i can get to play with them…

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kids in doodles: jared + his first toy car

my toycar, toys, cars, kids, play,

note: am so sorry that kids in doodles is a day late today, mum + i got a little tied up, but it is better late than never + i hope you can still join us πŸ˜‰

i am fascinated with everything about cars. whenever i ride my dad’s i’d play with the steering wheel + play pretend-driving. i am also very ecstatic whenever i see a car on tv or for real + will always automatically blurt out “car” {my mum would always kid that i have a british accent ’cause i omit the rΒ every single time πŸ˜‰

my toycar, toys, cars, kids, play
this photo was taken a few days before i turn 1

i guess it is not surprising that one of my favorite toy is my first car, which was gifted to me by my ninang mars on my very first birthday. around that time, i was not big enough to play with it on my own + mum or tito always supports me whenever i ride it. but when i got bigger, i can easily maneuver my ride + play with it around my room + around our house.

i simply love cars. i also have a few little ones which i love to play, too! maybe, when i get bigger, i can ask mum to buy me a real one just like dad’s πŸ˜‰

this is my kids-in-doodles share for this week, what is yours?

kids in doodles

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another fun day at activefun

active fun, weekend

mum + i {dad followed after he got off from work} had a chance to go to activefun one more time, mum was attending an event that day + i tagged along so i can play a bit while she waited for the event to start.

as always, i am very excited to play in this place, with loads of colorful balls + toys + a lot of kids playing, laughing, giggling + having fun, too! they all made the place a funner place to be.

our first stop is the sea of balls, this is one of my favorite spots here. mum managed to snap some photos while making sure i am safely playing on the side, away from bigger kids that might squash me when they collapsed on the balls πŸ™‚

i really enjoyed diving into the balls + lying around in the sea of these colorful round creations. + i know that a lot of other kids feel the same way.

my playtime was cut short when we had to go out to check whether mum’s event has started, it was a good thing dad arrived shortly after that, while mum busied herself learning about mum stuffs, dad + i had tons of fun jumping up + down in the trampoline + exploring other parts of the play area. too bad, we were not able to take photos, mum brought the camera with her, see.

i was all sweaty + tired after our play, not to mention hungry, but it was all good. i had a great time sharing a colorful weekend playtime with mummy + daddy!

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colorful giveaway prizes

giveaway prize, giveaway, Jared's Little Corner Birthday Giveaway

a bunch of paper bags have been lying lazily in a corner of our house for awhile now. mum said they are the gift packs for the consolation prize winners of our recently concluded birthday giveaway. one of those big paper bags include this colorful gift pack which mum will be sending to one of our winners, mommy sheng.

colorful gift packs, giveaway prizeapart from the gift pack, mum will also be sending these colorful items to mommy sheng. would you like to know what they are? see here i’ve made a list πŸ™‚

  • a bunch of lovely postcards {mum’s new-found hobby}
  • the blue box contains the token she won from mum’s blog
  • some baby products for little iris
  • a gc
  • a little gift for iris {she + her mum celebrated their birthdays last month}

sadly, we were not able to ship these goodies until now, mum tried a couple of times but the couriers refused to ship the item in the blue box. hopefully we can send them the next time we go out so we can make mummy sheng + baby iris happy πŸ™‚

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