tracfone for kids on christmas

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halloween is due in a few more days + christmas is just around the corner. i bet, this early, mums + dads are busy planning + taking down notes of what to buy their kiddos as gifts. i wonder what mum is planning to get for me 😉 

do you think she will get me one of those Tracfones for the holidays? i heard those are good + it won’t hurt to have one. here let me count the ways why mum should get me one:

  • tracfone costs very little so mum can get me one so we can stay in touch
  • for the budget-savvy mums, this brand offers the least expensive way of owning a mobile phone. perfect for kiddos like me!
  • It will be a great way to keep in touch with my loved ones, at a steal
  • mum can also reach me where ever i may be, since it has a nationwide coverage + excellent connectivity
  • mum can even choose mobile phone units with video/camera recorder + mp3 players from famous brands, for only $29.99!

i bet mum will love this so much she might just get one for herself + dad, too. + if mama + papa were around, maybe will get them one, too as tracfone also has excellent Senior Value. but, on second thought, i have no need for one yet as i normally stay where mum stays + goes where she does, that we are in touch 24/7 + we can Get into Everywhereness anytime we want to.

oh well, maybe when i am a bit bigger then, say 3 christmasses from now, probably? 😉

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