my orange story book

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mum got me this book before i was even born, + has been reading it to me since i was a little baby. dad also read it to me on few occasions. this book is a classic story written by beatrix potter about timmy tiptoes. it tells about his + his wife’s adventure on gathering food in preparation for the winter season. something bad happened + timmy end up spending the rest of winter inside a tree with some other animals.

i don’t think i should tell you the whole story, you better get a copy + read it for yourself, it will be a fun read, i promise. but it’s even better if you get your parents to read it for you {like me, since i cannot read just yet ;D}

this was a secondhand copy, by the way, mum got it from one of her favorite bookshops, booksale {which she said she used to frequent when she was pregnant with me} + according to the first page of the book, this once belonged to a certain girl named maddie jane 🙂

did you read any interesting books lately? 🙂

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kids in doodles: jared + his puzzle


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mum got me new toys when she went out last week, she ordered it from her mummy blogger friend, tita jem. she’s got me a few wooden toys + one of these toys include this puzzle set of bulldozers + cranes + trucks + lorry + other vehicles used in construction. mum knows that i love cars.

kids in doodles, toddlers, playtime, toys, puzzle

i really enjoyed playing with it + mum was so delighted + surprised that after 2 days of playing i can now put up the pieces together + finish the puzzle in no time.

kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, toys, playtime

mum can’t help felling giddy that she just had to take these photos while i was playing with it. she said puzzles are great in teaching little children like me about critical thinking + preparing me for more complex problem-solving in school + in life in later years.

kids in doodles, kids, toys, toddlers, playtime

i had a blast playing with this toy, i can’t wait to play with my other new toys but mum wrapped them in christmas wrappers + placed them under our tree, so i guess i have to wait ’til christmas morning to do just that 😛

apologies for the late posting of kids in doodles this week, i guess you might have read about my sickness by now. am still recovering + mum’s praying i take the meds soon enough. do join us this week + share your kids in doodles stories, will ya? 🙂


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sick in this little corner


that is right, this little man is sick with coughs + colds + is having a wee bit of trouble since i tend to throw up a lot whenever i have colds. i am not sure if i’d cooperate once mum started giving me meds {cause I really hate taking them}, but i do hope i get well soon enough. i guess our planned trip to ocean park for tomorrow will be postponed because of my untimely ailment…please pray for me so i will get well very soon.

also, mum will probably post K.I.D much later as she will be busy attending to my needs…hope you can all join in..see you around! 🙂

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fun kiddie morning ritual

we have added a fun addition to our usual morning ritual. apart from mum greeting me a good morning {which i tried to return as best as i can – am still learning how to say “good morning” so i say something that sounds much like it, to greet my mum in return} coupled with a few kisses here + there, i included elmo + aslan to the ritual, so mum has to greet + kiss them both, too! 🙂

aside from our kiss + greet, this beautiful abc song from elmo + india arie is also a part of our morning ritual. am learning to say my abc’s + even if i can’t pronounce all the letter of the alphabet just yet, i can finish this song 🙂

good morning one + all, care to share your favorite morning ritual ? 😛

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kids in doodles: jared + the christmas display


Christmas, toddlers, Kids in doodles

2 saturdays ago mum + i went to sm pampanga’s unveiling of their beautiful christmas display, that includes replicas of world famous landmarks like the eiffel tower in paris, the gondola in venice and the statue of liberty in the us + a lot more. i totally enjoyed playing with the colorful confetti + posing at every display while my tita jinky took a lot of photos + mum happily looked on 🙂

kids in doodles, toddler, play, christmas

can you tell am having a grand time?

kids in doodles, play, toddlers, christmas

i even posed with some of my new-found ates + kuyas who were also taking some snaps at the cool display.

it is your turn to share your kids in doodles story, check here on how we play this game 🙂

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