kids in doodles: the toddler + the shades

Kids In Doodles

hello everyone, i hope you are all having a great monday! before anything else, i would to thank our participants from last week’s: Zzzz… Whaaat???Iris Joehanna’s WorldMiragemaLythMommy JesMai @ MaiThreeBoyz +, our newest participant, Lalah. i {meaning mum, hehe!} had loads of fun reading about your entry + i am looking forward to reading your entries for this week, too. so here goes…

shades, Kids In Doodles, kids, toddlers, playi have found another great improvised toy in mum’s closet + that is her sunglasses. when i was a bit younger, no one can make me wear one no matter what they do. i got fussy whenever you put something in my face or in my head that i will always reach for it + grab it so i can throw it away! 🙂

kids, toddlers, play, Kids In Doodles

i discovered her shades recently, in one of my late night wanderings in our bedroom when i simply refuse to go to sleep 😛 so everytime i play at night, it will never be complete without getting this from the closet + asking mum to wear, which she does most of the time, but will remove as soon as she can {her vision is not really 20/20 so she is having problems seeing clearly wearing this shade at nighttime!}. sometimes, she simply had no choice so she’ll wear it anyway, while using the computer. but she said it strains her eyes + she can’t just keep it too long.

lately, mum found the most effective way for me to wear her shades, too! we play taking turns: mum wears the shade for a bit then she will pass it on to me so i can take my turn. i guess, mum made the most of it + snapped these photos to her delight.

shades, kids, toddlers, Kids in doodles

so what do you think? do i look cool in this shades or what? 🙂

tell us your most fun + interesting kids in doodles story for this week. check out the codes here, too {but be patient, mum is still struggling with the codes + all that stuff!}

+ don’t forget to link up here, right? 🙂

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  1. Hi there!

    Joining this week’s K.I.D., yey!
    You’re such a cutie little jared, my little guy love’s wearing shades too. I hope someday you’ll meet him 😀

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