messing up mum’s purse

messing mum's purse, messy baby

one of the most fun thing to do is making a mess, won’t you agree? 🙂 i have been making regular mess here + there. it keeps my hands busy + keeps mum occupied, too! {cleaning up after my mess! :D}

messing mum's purse, messy baby, messy-go-roundone of my favorites is raiding mum’s purse and upending it scatter its contents on our bed. see here, my mum’s purple purse has all these different colored cards, some bills + lovely coins, too. i count the coins when i am inspired. mum helps me with it most times.

messing mum's purse, messy baby, messy-go-roundsometimes when i am in the mood, i try to help mum keep away what i have scattered on the floor, just like that instance shown in the photo, but often, i would really rather scatter the stuffs, i am good at it. i leave all the cleaning to mum, for now 🙂

this is my messy story of the week, care to share yours?

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