my orange tiger book

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one of my favorite books to read now is this one which has a big photo of a tiger in it {maybe because i have seen tigers in real life, + they are just amazing!} this was gifted to me by mum’s blogger friend, tita joy, along with the musical toy eggs, which she sent a few months ago. my word for tiger is katu + mum is saying i probably thought the tiger is just a big cat 🙂

this book tells of a story of a little cub who pretends to be a big tiger when he plays. he imitates the bigger tigers in the way they move + whenever he plays, too. he even pretends to be a grown up tiger even when he sleeps.

i guess it is really part of our little kids’ playtime, even for people + animals, to pretend to be someone else other that ourselves. it makes the play more fun + lets our imaginations grow, too! 🙂

books, kids, animals, orange

i love the color of this book, too. it is a combination of white + orange. most of the book looks much like this adorable cover.

this is my orange share for this week, what is yours? 😉

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paper + pencils for a cause

paper + pencils for a cause, causes for children

little sean will be celebrating his very first birthday in december + he would like to do so by giving gifts to the students of the estrella village elementary school. little sean, through his mum’s blog, is asking for any help we can extend to make this project a success so they can bring cheer to the students of their local public school. {click on the badge for more details on this project}

how you can help?

  • you can send it your spare pens, pencils or crayons or any school supplies you might have that you will no longer use
  • you can blog about the project + let more people know about it so they can help in whatever way they can, too!
  • you can also send in donations to jade.samson (at) ymail (dot) com using paypal

remember, no amount + no small act of kindness is too small as long as it comes from the heart. i will ask mum to save a little cash so we can send in some donations, too. i hope you do the same 🙂 

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