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kids in doodles, toys, play, toddler, kids

time for kids in doodles once again + sorry that it will be up a day late this week, mum + i were both dead tired yesterday to even go online + update this corner. will tell you more about it soon, anyway, on to today’s K.I.D 🙂

the first time mum met up with her fellow postcard collector was also the first time i’ve ever seen one of these things + curiosity, of course, got the better of me that i went ahead + touched it! mum told me it was called a typewriter + back when computers are just a thing of the future, typewriters are what people used to create documents + school projects.

kids in doodles, kid, toddlers, play,

i thought it was pretty cool, it made this very interesting sound whenever you press on a button, it has all the letters of the alphabet in it + also has this cute swinging things that swayed forward whenever you press a key! mum said we used to have a portable typewriter at home which she used for school projects + to practice on her typing skills.

kids in doodles, kids, kid, toddlers, play

of course, it wasn’t only me who’s curious about this “new” machine, bella, a daughter of one of mum’s friends + my new playmate, was playing with the typewriter first before it caught my attention. sorry for the blurry photo, mum was having a hard time photographing two excited + rowdy toddlers 😉

now, it is your turn to share your K.I.D stories with us. for the newbies, check here on how to play this game. don’t forget to link up with us + hop on to as  much entries, leaving lovely comments along the way, to make this meme doubly fun! 😉

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  1. Ang gaing ng postcrossers meet up! It’s amusing to find kids very fascinated with the typewriter ano? Paano, puro PC, laptop and tablets ang nahahawak ngayon! Cute Jared!

  2. hi, jared and mommy vix! jared, you’re so lucky you got to experience using a typewriter. hope you remember this experience when you grow up. na-oobsolete na kasi sya because of computers. Don’t you love the sound of the keys and that bar? hope i’ll be able to make a post soon. been missing a lot lately.

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