on the first day of christmas…

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…mum gave me these awesome wooden toys 🙂 although, i did not get to play with all of them at one time, since she wrapped the other toy with colorful christmas wrapper + placed it under the tree {i was  told we’ll open them on christmas day}, i totally love these new toys! i was working a bit on this puzzle + after two days of playing, i finally managed to do the puzzle on my own + mum was so delighted! ^_^

toys, wooden toys

mum got these stuffs from her friend who’s selling them on her blog. mum said she really loves to buy toys online because there is easily loads of toys to choose from + she can do it without leaving our home, which is very convenient. she said one site that she must check out soon is deals direct, which has a wide collection of toys.

am looking forward to play with my new toys right after i open them on christmas day? i bet you are, too! 🙂

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