on the second day of christmas

…mum got me a new blanket with pictures of cars in it, she knows that cars are one of the things that i love the most! we have yet to use my new blakie though, as mum need to wash it first. she also needs to wash the bed sheet that she bought along with the blanket. they are both in my favorite color: blue 🙂

although i do not really use a blanket, since i seldom feel cold, mum knows that i will totally enjoy looking at the car pictures on my new one. hopefully she will get me a matching bedding, soon, too, cause the one she bought is just in plain blue color design!it will sure make napping + sleeping time very much enjoyable 🙂 mum said she will check out this site called the white company + to see if they’ve got one with cars on them from their wide selection of bedding . i hope they do 🙂

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