kids in doodles: jared + the typewriter


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time for kids in doodles once again + sorry that it will be up a day late this week, mum + i were both dead tired yesterday to even go online + update this corner. will tell you more about it soon, anyway, on to today’s K.I.D 🙂

the first time mum met up with her fellow postcard collector was also the first time i’ve ever seen one of these things + curiosity, of course, got the better of me that i went ahead + touched it! mum told me it was called a typewriter + back when computers are just a thing of the future, typewriters are what people used to create documents + school projects.

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my colorful weekend at the wonka imaginarium

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mum + i went to the wonka imaginarium last week + boy was it too much fun to go there! 😀 we are told to search for the rainbow which is used by the wonka factory to make the most delicious candies.

wonka imaginarium, kids, toddlers, play, weekend, colorful things

we first searched in the enchanted forest, where we encountered huge grasshoppers + lady bugs + the walking + talking tree that even exchanged high fives with me {i was afraid of it at first but mum told me not to + told me to approach it!}

colorful things, wonka imaginarium, weekend, toddlers, play

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kids in doodles: playmates + a tea party


Kids in doodles, kids, toddler, play, weekend

it is not everyday that i’d have playmates as most the time it’s just me + mum left at home + we hardly go out to hunt for playmates, especially in this gloomy, rainy season. but when i went to my very first tea party last weekend, i was able to play with a few kids + it was really such fun! 😀

kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, play, weekend
ate ice having a bite of her bread

kids in doodles, kids, toddler, play, weekend

i was particulary in my fun + active self that mum really had a hard time running + following after me. i showed particular interest at the fountain that i refused to move away from it for quite a while. she was not able to enjoy the food + the cup cakes much, but am sure she enjoyed spending the afternoon with me 🙂

kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, play, weekend

i can’t even sit still while were having our photos taken at the photo booth, i guess the grassy + cool garden setting is getting me all excited to explore about 🙂

kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, play, weekend

oh well, at least she managed to snatch some photos while i take a break from running + playing around. 😀

what are your kids in doodles stories for the week, share it with us here^_^

as always, thank you tita mirage for the beautiful linky^-^




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december is here, wee!

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they say december + christmas is easily the best time of the year, i guess am gonna have to find out for myself. but so far, am loving all the christmas decors everywhere, including the silver bells that my tita got that mum hanged on our front door. i have also seen a few tall christmas trees, including the one in araneta center which is just totally big + the one in shangri-la mall when we went there recently. am also feeling much better compared to the other day when i’ve fallen sick.

mum + i will also be out again soon to shop for new clothes + hopefully some new toys, she bought me a couple last week {check them out here + here} but i am hoping she’ll buy me some more^_^

22 more days to go before christmas + mum’s got a few gifts wrapped up under our tree {all for me! ^_^}. it’s also 19 days to go before my tito celebrates his next birthday, am not sure where we’ll go to celebrate but i just want to spent some time with him! he’s visited us on few occasions + i always end up crying whenever it’s time for him to leave. so spending more time with him will be such a welcome treat.

well, happy times ahead for all of us! we will be out tomorrow for a lunch date with mum’s college best friends so i am looking forward to that.

do join my meme, kids in doodles, the linky is still open for another day. it will really make our day to read your entry ^_^

how’s december treating you so far?

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colorful toy train

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mum got me this colorful wooden toy train, too, the last time she went out to go to manila. check out the other wooden stuffs she’s got for me here. what i love about this train is that it has numbers on them so mum can teach me how to count while i am playing with them.

toys, colorful stuffs, toy stories, toddlers,

each pieces can also be separated, so i can have a single, very long wooden train or many little train pieces, what fun! 😀 it is now one of my favorite toys, well, each one of them is my favorite anyway 😛

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