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kids in doodles, kids, my favorite things, starfall,

hello everyone! this is the first kids in doodle of 2012 + before we proceed with our post, let me thank everyone who supported our meme throughout last year, especially those who’ve kept on joining even when the meme was transferred to this new host 🙂

also, i would like to give special mentions to the 4 participants of last year’s very last k.i.d, + they are Little Zoie’s StepsIris Joehanna, + Mommy Jes, + our very own host, Smart Boys! thank you all for your entries, mum + i really enjoyed reading + commenting on them 🙂

+ as our way of saying thanks to everyone for supporting our meme, we will be giving away a prize to one lucky participant who completes the entries for each week of january. more about that on our next post ^_^

now on with today’s entry ~

kids in doodles, kids, my favorite things, giveaway, announcement

one of my most favorite things to do is watching starfall in our computer. it was a site mum discovered last year which helps me learn about the alphabet + counting, too! it has a lot of colorful pictures of things like apples, balls + dolls, as well as photos of animals like cats, dogs + elephants!

kids in doodles , kids, my favorite things, announcement, giveaway

we also get to sing a number of fun songs, including the alphabet song + the starfall camp jingle. it also helps little children like me to learn the pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet + for bigger children to learn how to spell simple words, too. mum + i get to watch starfall every morning + mum said it has been very effective as i have learned how to pronounce letters from a to j already! 🙂

simply visit to find out more about it!

what’s your kids in doodles story for this week, do share it with us here!

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  1. wow thats a cool game jared! thats good for you! 🙂 my kids ishi and ethan loves to play with the computer too when they were your age til now 🙂

  2. starfall is a really fun and educational 3 year old simon spend so much time on that site too, jared. i would have wanted the premium membership for my boys but out of the budget right now, lol. Happy New Year Jared and Mommy Vix!

  3. Oh my, new template! kelan pa ito? I like starfall, kaya lang nagsawa na si Una kasi limited na yung nae-explore niya.

    1. yesterday lang na-install yan sis, baka meron pa nga mga minor revisions, am keeping in touch with Grace for some requests pa..hehe! Join mo na si Una sa meme 🙂

  4. Jade and Jakei also love Starfall! It’s a fun way to learn how to read. Have you tried fisher-price online games? There are also tons of games there that my tots enjoy playing.

    1. I have never tried that sis, I will check it out one of these days. thanks for stopping by ^_^

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