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before i go on about my doodles story for this week, let me just tell you that we’ve revised our giveaway mechanics + decided that anyone who joined our weekly meme twice + up will qualify. this is to give chance to those who cannot complete all of this month’s weekly linkie.

two weekends ago, we went to the cinema to see alvin + the chipmunks. mom noticed how i loved watching its trailer + thought it a good idea if we can get to see it in the big screen. so we troop to the cinema one sunday + it was one of the funnest films i’ve seen so far {i have not seen quite a lot, of course :D}

the story is all about alvin, simon + theodore’s adventure, together with the chippettes when they were blown away from their ship into an island far away, aboard a kite. the adventures + misadventures began when they set foot on the island.

i enjoy the songs + the dance routines, particularly + mum was so smitten by simon who turned french due to a spider’s venom πŸ™‚

i was watching the entire time + did not sleep one second + for mum’s book, that is a clear indication that i did enjoy the film!

this photo, by the way, was taken much later when we met up with my ninang jackΒ in manila, last weekend {more about that on my upcoming posts}. we saw the big 3 statues as we pass by the cinema + we cannot resist posing with them. ^_^

check out the badges + the old kids in doodlesΒ hereΒ + don’t forget to share your stories with us this week ^_^

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  1. love those chipmunks, jared. are they bigger than you? we’ll watch out for this in DVD. My 2 li’l ones at this point are still afraid of the dark, so there’s no way they’ll go inside the cinema. hope they’ll outgrow it soon. will be back with my post later.

  2. We love the chipmunks especially Jathniel he is so fascinated and still loves animals. Jathniel and I already watched this film yesterday night in DVD.I am definitely joining this kids in doodles. πŸ˜‰

  3. Parang ang bigat-bigat ni Jared!I bet pagod kang kargahin cya noh,sobrang lusog eh^_^

    Hope to join next Monday dear!mwahness!

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