kids in doodles: posing with my fluffy friends

kids, playtime, toys, kids in doodles

time again for another round of kids in doodles + for my share this week, check out my handy work the last i was too sleepy but simply won’t go to sleep! 🙂 you know how us kids can be sometimes, we’d exert all effort just so we won’t fall asleep. time is gold + there is just too many important things to do other that get those zzzz, right? i bet most kids my age will agree 😀

so what i did a few weeks ago, when mum was leaving me to my own at my playpen so i’d fall asleep ~ i asked her to have an impromptu pictorial featuring all my fluffy friends, who were just more than willing to pose in front of the camera 🙂

kids, playtime, toys, kids in doodles

what can you say about our photos, don’t you think tigger + fishy make for good models? i will share more photos with my other fluffy friends next time 🙂

posing for photos is surely a great way to pass the time away!

it is your turn now to share your kids in doodles stories with us. + while you are here, don’t forget to check out the winner in our kids in doodles giveaway, too, right? 😉

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  1. glad to be back…ang laki na ni Jared at pogiii! ‘love the photo with tigger. btw, happy valentine’s day, sis!

  2. I like Tigger but he’s so hyper, just like Una, hehehe! I try to limit Una’s stuffed toys. I think we only bought her 2, a baby stuffed toy with a lullaby and a stuffed animal with noisy ears, something to encourage her curiousity.

    1. Jared seem to have taken a liking to these furry friends, that I make it a point to get him one whenever we visit a new place. It also serves as a great souvenir item, too 🙂

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