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children's haircut

i guess if you’ve been visiting my blog for a while now you’d know that i am not too fond of haircuts + anything that buzzes! haircuts are usually filled with episodes + scenes that i bet i’d just laugh at if in case mum would tell me about it when i am older 😀

just picture me refusing to sit on the car-chair, dodging the razor + the scissors + trying to distract the poor barber all at the same time.

children's haircut

our last trip to the kiddie salon was no exception. i was fidgety + panicky as usual + mum tried all the tricks on her sleeves to keep me still until all the overgrown hair is cut! 🙂  i simply refuse to sit in the chair that i ended up sitting on mum’s lap while they cut my hair.

children's haircut

they tried all forms of entertainment available to no avail, until kuya ronald {that’s my barber for the day} switched on the tellie + played cars. lightning mcqueen is one of my most favorite + he will always have my undivided attention at any given time. it was a good thing the tricks works all the time. if i get tired of mcqueen, mum + the salon staff would have to think of a new trick to keep me still while they cut my hair 😀

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