my new pair of sunglasses

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i have always been fascinated by sunglasses + would spend mornings playing with my mum’s. i called them “wow,”  ’cause every time mum would put them on me, she’d say “wow!” it kind of stuck + i now call every single sunglasses or glasses i see as such, but i guess it’s only because “sunglasses” is just way too complicated for my little tongue to pronounce! 🙂

on one of our previous weekend trips to the mall, we saw these cool mickey mouse shades in one of the displays, mum playfully had me wear one + tita took our photos. i guess the shades really looks good on me that mum bought it. perfect for when we go to the beach or go out on a sunny day.

my favorite things, playtime, kids, children products

i hope mum would buy herself a new pair, too. she badly needs a new one, cause i broke her only pair, see. it fell on the floor while i was playing with it one time. maybe she can get the one we saw in one of the shops one time we were out, it looks exactly like mine but just bigger ~ perfect for my mum!

children products, kids, playtime, my favorite things, zenni optical

or she would probably check out one of those affordable eyeglasses from that website she was browsing the other day, Zenni Optical. she told me they have a great deal ~ get a free pair of glasses if you get 2 pairs! that is a great deal + will save mum loads amount of money, too!  while she’s at it, she can probably check out their $6.95 prescription eyeglasses, as well, as her old one needs a replacement + she complains of eye strain {from too much time spent in front of the computer} half the time. she said there is just so many affordable, yet functional + stylish eyeglasses to choose from. oh well, maybe you can check it out too + hurry since the offer is only for a limited time + i bet loads of people will be availing this deal.

so, what can you say about my new pair of sunnies? leave a comment or two, will you? i’d love to hear your thoughts! 😉

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