playing with my stuffed friends

toys, stuffed toys, playtime, kidsstuffed toys, toys, playtime, kids

happiness is playing with my stuffed friends whenever i had a chance, which is just about everyday 🙂 + as i have told you in my previous post, i was evading my afternoon nap + found something fun + worthwhile  to do.

here are some of the photos of me with my other stuffed toys which mum took. that first one is the kung fu panda stuff toy, poh! we won it from a blog giveaway last year {check out the details here}. the second photo is that of  tiger, my brown tiger stuff toy which was given to me by one of mum’s blogger friend, tita joy, along with another interesting toy.

stuffed toys, toys, playtime, kidsstuffed toys, toys, kids, playtime

the 3rd photo is that of me + my friend, horsie, who’s actually a seahorse. we saw him from the mall a few months back, i wouldn’t let it down, thus mum had no choice but to buy it for me. i love its nice blue shade 🙂 + the last photograph is that of  me + piggy, which was also a prize mum got from one of those online giveaways she joined last year, it’s a character in that angry birds game which we are not really familiar!  ^_^

sharing my tiger toy with thursday brownies + my first time to join:

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happy valentine’s!

occasions, greetings


i don’t know about you but we are starting our day with cuddles + kisses + me playfully picking my nose to get giggles + laughter from my mum 😀

valentine’s is really something we do not normally celebrate so our day will probably be the same as any other day. i’d get to play with my mum + watch a few of my favorite shows on the tellie or maybe a film or two in our computer.

it should also be an interesting day for bird watching outside our window + watching my twin neighbors next door as they set off to school…

so how’s your valentine’s going?

image from pinterest

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kids in doodles: posing with my fluffy friends

kids, playtime, toys, kids in doodles

time again for another round of kids in doodles + for my share this week, check out my handy work the last i was too sleepy but simply won’t go to sleep! 🙂 you know how us kids can be sometimes, we’d exert all effort just so we won’t fall asleep. time is gold + there is just too many important things to do other that get those zzzz, right? i bet most kids my age will agree 😀

so what i did a few weeks ago, when mum was leaving me to my own at my playpen so i’d fall asleep ~ i asked her to have an impromptu pictorial featuring all my fluffy friends, who were just more than willing to pose in front of the camera 🙂

kids, playtime, toys, kids in doodles

what can you say about our photos, don’t you think tigger + fishy make for good models? i will share more photos with my other fluffy friends next time 🙂

posing for photos is surely a great way to pass the time away!

it is your turn now to share your kids in doodles stories with us. + while you are here, don’t forget to check out the winner in our kids in doodles giveaway, too, right? 😉

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kids in doodles giveaway winner!

announcement, giveaways, kids in doodles

thanks to everyone who participated in my kids in doodles giveaway + without further ado, here is the winner of a $12 for $24 worth of wall decals + shipping:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

congratulations, please buzz me with your email address, so mum can get back to you with the codes for your voucher. don’t forget you’ve got 48 hours to send us your message before we draw a new winner!

although i am a little bit under the weather + has been occasionally throwing up since yesterday afternoon, i hope we all have a happy monday! we will be right back later with this week’s kids in doodles

image is not mine

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more haircut photos

children's haircut

i guess if you’ve been visiting my blog for a while now you’d know that i am not too fond of haircuts + anything that buzzes! haircuts are usually filled with episodes + scenes that i bet i’d just laugh at if in case mum would tell me about it when i am older 😀

just picture me refusing to sit on the car-chair, dodging the razor + the scissors + trying to distract the poor barber all at the same time.

children's haircut

our last trip to the kiddie salon was no exception. i was fidgety + panicky as usual + mum tried all the tricks on her sleeves to keep me still until all the overgrown hair is cut! 🙂  i simply refuse to sit in the chair that i ended up sitting on mum’s lap while they cut my hair.

children's haircut

they tried all forms of entertainment available to no avail, until kuya ronald {that’s my barber for the day} switched on the tellie + played cars. lightning mcqueen is one of my most favorite + he will always have my undivided attention at any given time. it was a good thing the tricks works all the time. if i get tired of mcqueen, mum + the salon staff would have to think of a new trick to keep me still while they cut my hair 😀

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