kids in doodles: the hanson poster

kids in doodles, kids, out + about, weekend      kids in doodles, kids, out + about, weekend

last week we went out to go to mall for some errands + to beat the sunday afternoon heat. we were just walking around when we spotted this poster in one of the shops there. my tita cel is a huge fan of this band, in fact she will be watching their concert in manila + in cebu, too.  i was much interested with the big harry potter poster i saw inside the shop, but indulged the grown ups, anyway 😀

kids in doodles,kids, out + about, weekend

apart from posing beside this photo, we also enjoyed eating at tokyo!tokyo! i love their miso soup + the red iced tea, too, which luckily mum would let me drink. we also visited one of our favorite shops, the bookstore, where we checked out books + postcards. i also browsed at loads of mickey mouse + lightning mcqueen activity books just before we enter the supermarket to do our groceries. too bad, the grown ups were to busy running after me, they forgot to take pictures…

kids in doodles, kids, out + about, weekend

we capped the day by riding the grand carousel in the middle of the mall, which i shall tell you all about in my next post 🙂

care to share your kids in doodles stories for this week? don’t forget to link up + visit the other participants, too, right? + big shout outs to tita mirage for the cool thumbnail linkies, as always 😉

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  1. as i’ve said before you’re too cute in white. so this is what you did,jared, when the white became dirty white at the end of the day, :D. will link up later. have a good night!

  2. wow.. i remembered hansons before when I was still hooke to them. .:) by the way, may I ask.. do you already have a winner on the turtle giveaway? kinda curious.. ty 🙂

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