play a game, plant a tree with pocoyo

earth hour, my favorite things, green ideas, pocoyo

if you have time, here is a fun way to help save our environment. all you have to do is play this recycling game with pocoyo + he will plant trees for you. the game is easy enough, all you have to do is put the items to be recycled to their appropriate box. of course, i play this game with mum as i do not know how to use the mouse just yet 😉

green ideas, pocoyo, earth hour, my favorite things

you finish the game by putting all the garbage into their corresponding bins! + pocoyo pops out whenever you place something in the right bin! 😀 i was imitating pocoyo awhile back + is bobbing up + every time mum places something in the right bin. it was most fun…

pocoyo, my favorite things, green ideas, earth hour

pocoyo is encourging everyone to join his game so he can plant more trees. they have planted 20,000 trees which is quite a lot to count i guess! more trees will be planted if we play some more!

make this your participation in this year’s earth hour + do not forget to switch those lights at 8.30 tonight, right? cheers to mother earth! 🙂


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