top commentators for february

top commentators, announcement

a big shout out to these people for their regular visits + their wonderful comments. presenting jared’s little corner‘s top commentators for the month of  january:

  1. Mai Mai (7)Top Commentator Award
  2. Jessica Cassidy Jessica Cassidy (6)Top Commentator Award
  3. dorry lyn dorry lyn (5)Top Commentator Award
  4. happy caity happy caity (5)Top Commentator Award
  5. Shengkay Shengkay (5)Top Commentator Award
  6. Little World of Fun Little World of Fun (4)
  7. Little Zoie's Steps Little Zoie’s Steps (4)
  8. Spanish Pinay Spanish Pinay (4)
  9. chubskulit chubskulit (3)

top five’s badge will be up on my sidebar for the entire month of march as a simple token of appreciation! for Jessica Cassidy , dorry lyn, + happy caity. kindly send in the codes for your badge.

thank you + hope to see you again in this corner very soon 😉

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  1. thanks so much mommy vix and jared. we’re so delighted to be featured. we enjoy all of jared’s adventures and so commenting is so easy. plus simon and jared are about the same age they practically do the same things. have a great week ahead!

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