free diapers from twins lampein

we won these big packs of diapers from twins lampein’s facebook page contest in january + on march 29 we met up with one of their representatives downtown to get our prize. these diapers would have got me covered for one whole month + mum said it also has the cloth-like quality of my current brand. the only downside is there is no way i can fit my 21-kilo frame into these 12-kilo sized dappys! 🙁

we planned to give it out in a giveaway here but changed our mind + gave it to a worthy recipient who might just fit into them, instead, + mum ended up buying another jumbo pack of my diaper brand for this month’s use.

anyway, i’d still want to say a big thanks to twins lampein for our prize! 😉


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  1. yay! congrats on the win but sorry to hear they are too small on you Jared 🙁 that is generous that your Mama is giving it to somebody that could use them 🙂 Dropping by from OT

    1. thanks so much, tita. it is okay, we are giving it to somebody who needs it, anyway! 🙂 do come back in a bit for Kids in doodles, right? 😉

  2. hi sis…….yan ang gamit ko na diaper for my baby…..XL ang size ng diaper nya……baka pwede sakin nalng…..heheheheh

  3. wow, that’s really nice to won nappies like that but sad it doesn’t fit, but i am sure the lucky recipient’s so happy with it…its nice to share your blessings! and you’re so cute! visiting late from last week’s OT, see you around. thanks and have a great week. 🙂

    1. gee, thank you, tita cheerful! it is nice to win + it would’ve been nice if the dappies fit! but we enjoyed sharing our prize with another kiddo! 🙂

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