happy easter!

greetings, occassions

we stayed at home catching up on loads of movies on the tellie. mum + i were watching this show about blessed john paul II yesterday, she said he is one of her favorite personalities. i guess, i can easily tell why. he looks more like a grand dad rather than a priest or a pope, he looks very kind + he absolutely loves children. i fell asleep in the middle of the program while mum is casually wiping a tear off her eyes. am sure mum will tell me all about the pope when i am bigger.

my tito ken + tita belle also visited + we spent last night watching one of our favorites, harry potter! it was one of our favorite thing to do to pass the time, + last night we watched the half-blood prince for the nth time! i miss them + i hope they get to spend more time with us:)

anyway, mum told me we’d wake up early today so we can attend the easter sunday mass + go to the mall. but before that let me just greet you a very happy easter! 😀

how did you spend your holy week, by the way?

image from pocoyo.com

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