kids in doodles: one afternoon at the park

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one of the best things to do this summer is to visit parks + just a few weeks back we checked out this park my parents used to frequent before they had me. mum said they’d visit this place on saturdays after work to take a break from the grueling office work + commune with nature, not to mention take in some fresh air, too!

it was one fun afternoon + i really had loads of fun walking all over the place. there is just too many things to explore + too vast an area to cover. i’ve encountered a bamboo tree {among others}, a little girl who kept on calling my name + asked mum why i was a tad shy, a few stray cats + loads of birds in their mini zoo.

kids in doodles, toddlers, out + about,

one thing i also find very interesting is the pond in the middle of the park. it is not everyday that i see one + i really wish i can take a dip into it, but sadly, mum + dad do not approve of it! 😉

unfortunately, we came in a bit late so the mini zoo is already closed, hopefully we can go back there soon + see the other animals, too.

it is your turn to share your kids in doodles stories with us. do not forget to visit, + leave your comment love, too, the other participants to make our game much more enjoyable! a great week ahead to all of us! 😀

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