happy mother’s day

greetings, mother's day

happy mother’s day mum! i know you would’ve had an even better day if i am well + feeling better…

i have been nursing a fever for a few days now, since we got from swimming lessons last friday. i should have listened to mum when she told me to get out of the pool after almost 2 hours of wading and flailing my arms in the poolside 🙁 i just can’t help it, i am really having a wonderful time + am enjoying myself a lot! oh well, hopefully i will get better soon so i won’t have to miss any more swimming lessons + so that mum will no longer worry + wake up every few hours at night just to check on me.

i know i will get better soon + you can stop worrying. i wish we can go out + celebrate, but am sure you will find ways to make this day a great one! happy mother’s day! 😉

image is not mine

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