kids in doodles: watching the avengers


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i have always been interested with the avengers movie ever since mum pointed it out in the tellie one time + when we got thor’s hammer free from the pack of my favorite hotdogs dad bought a few weeks back. i would make it a point to blurt out “avenger” whenever i see the trailer + photos that mum promised we’d watch it as soon as we had the chance. + lucky me, we just did, last sunday! 🙂

after visiting expo mom, where i get to see cool stuffs + interesting toys to play with, we headed to mega mall to watch the avengers. it was a fun + enjoyable film to see! although, i was covering my ears most of the time + asked mum to cover my eyes, too, especially when the big, green monster hulk is shown, i would stay i rather enjoyed it + would recommend for other kids to see it, too. just make sure you see it with your mums, right? + ask them to cover your eyes + ears, too, when those loud + action-packed scenes are shown.

kids in doodles, movies, out + about, best things to do this summer, toddlers

my favorite avenger will have to be ironman, he is just way too cool, what with all the features he possesses! + do check out that scene where he tried to propel their ship back up in the air! + that thing he has up on his bulding’s roof top is just amazing! okay, i won’t tell anymore, the film is good + you better see it for yourself!

meanwhile, check out our cool photos with iron man. tita cecille took this right after we got our movie tickets after braving the long queue at the ticket booth. 🙂

what is the latest movie you’ve seen? share that or any of your doodles stories with us, do not forget to visit other participants to make our game more fun, right? check out the rules of our game + the badges here  🙂

thanks tita mirage for the linkie 🙂

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the games we kiddos play

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playing games is probably one of the most enjoyable thing to do as a kid + i am sure, like me, you also have loads of wonderful games that you play with your mum + dad, or siblings if you have some, or cousins, or just about anyone who would like to play with you.

here are a few of the games i enjoyed playing with my mum:

  • peek-a-boo ~ is probably one of the first games i enjoyed playing with the grown ups, i particularly enjoyed waiting for them to show their faces after hiding them behind their palms, or a book, or a pillow. now that i am a bit bigger, we also count from numbers 1 to 10 while we play this
  • a is for apple ~ apart from counting, i also learning about the alphabet that is why, this game is definitely one of my faves + you should see the look of delight on mum’s face whenever i blurt out something that perfectly matches the letter she mentioned. my faves are animals, like e for elephant + d for dog!
  • filling up my coin banks  ~ this will not probably count as an actual game, but we’ve made it into one. i sure get a knack at aiming at those slots with my 1-peso or 5-peso, even 10-peso coin, while counting the coins, too! the coins also make a wonderful sound when they dropped which made this activity even better. am sure this is something even the grown ups like,  + maybe that is the reason why there are practice slots + slots casinos for them to enjoy. who knows, i might enjoy those, too, when i am older.
  • puzzles ~ i love doing puzzles, mum said it not only makes for a great toy but also harnesses my logical thinking, too. i wish mum will get me a new one, so i can alternate it with the old ones i have

i shall share more of my favorite games in my upcoming posts. so, what is your favorite game, again? 😉

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the weekend blog follower caravan is back!

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that is right, the weekend blog follower caravan is back + this week’s task is Google+ follow! please hover over to my G+ widget at the sidebar + i shall be happy to do the same! welcome you all to my little corner:)

so, if you’d want to gain more followers go right over to our host + join in on the fun. do not forget that you will also get a chance to grab the $10 paypal cash prize courtesy of our sponsors: Life According to Me + Pinay Mommy Online!

the easy-peasy rules of this game:

  • 1. make a wbfc welcome posts
  • 2. follow the weekly sponsors
  • 3. make sure to link back to the sponsors, too
  • 4. leave your url at the host’s linkie
  • 5. follow the other participants back!

that’s it! so here’s to a sunday of happy wbfc-bloghopping everyone! 😀

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top commentators for april


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a big shout out to april’s top commentators for leaving all those beautiful comments that mum + i enjoyed reading! they sure brighten our days! 😀

mommy Jessica Cassidy kindly send us your badge code using my contact form. your badge shall be up on my sidebar for one whole month as a little way of saying thank you! 🙂

thanks again + hope you keep those comments coming! 🙂
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my new piggy coin bank

my favorite things, toys

meet peppa, my new piggy bank, + she is literally a pig! 😉 cool, right? i named her after the main character in one my favorite shows to watch these days, peppa pig. of course am partial to george + his love for dinosaurs, but peppa is a rather cooler name + i bet you will agree!

this is my third coin bank, i also have tooddles which holds my 5-peso coins, + mickey which saves my 1-peso stash. we are putting 10-peso coins on peppa. mum said we’ll use our savings to buy my birthday cake come august, so i really wish we can save a lot for that lightning mcqueen cake! mum said i must learn the value of saving this early so i will make sure to practice it later on. plus, i really enjoyed putting those coins into the slots + counting them, too! peppa also doubles as a toy on some days, as well! 😉

mum got peppa as a token for writing her post on saving for school tuition.


sharing this post with pink fridays 😉

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