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playing games is probably one of the most enjoyable thing to do as a kid + i am sure, like me, you also have loads of wonderful games that you play with your mum + dad, or siblings if you have some, or cousins, or just about anyone who would like to play with you.

here are a few of the games i enjoyed playing with my mum:

  • peek-a-boo ~ is probably one of the first games i enjoyed playing with the grown ups, i particularly enjoyed waiting for them to show their faces after hiding them behind their palms, or a book, or a pillow. now that i am a bit bigger, we also count from numbers 1 to 10 while we play this
  • a is for apple ~ apart from counting, i also learning about the alphabet that is why, this game is definitely one of my faves + you should see the look of delight on mum’s face whenever i blurt out something that perfectly matches the letter she mentioned. my faves are animals, like e for elephant + d for dog!
  • filling up my coin banks  ~ this will not probably count as an actual game, but we’ve made it into one. i sure get a knack at aiming at those slots with my 1-peso or 5-peso, even 10-peso coin, while counting the coins, too! the coins also make a wonderful sound when they dropped which made this activity even better. am sure this is something even the grown ups like,  + maybe that is the reason why there are practice slots + slots casinos for them to enjoy. who knows, i might enjoy those, too, when i am older.
  • puzzles ~ i love doing puzzles, mum said it not only makes for a great toy but also harnesses my logical thinking, too. i wish mum will get me a new one, so i can alternate it with the old ones i have

i shall share more of my favorite games in my upcoming posts. so, what is your favorite game, again? 😉

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