the weekend blog follower caravan is back!

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that is right, the weekend blog follower caravan is back + this week’s task is Google+ follow! please hover over to my G+ widget at the sidebar + i shall be happy to do the same! welcome you all to my little corner:)

so, if you’d want to gain more followers go right over to our host + join in on the fun. do not forget that you will also get a chance to grab the $10 paypal cash prize courtesy of our sponsors: Life According to Me + Pinay Mommy Online!

the easy-peasy rules of this game:

  • 1. make a wbfc welcome posts
  • 2. follow the weekly sponsors
  • 3. make sure to link back to the sponsors, too
  • 4. leave your url at the host’s linkie
  • 5. follow the other participants back!

that’s it! so here’s to a sunday of happy wbfc-bloghopping everyone! 😀

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