my new book: daisy’s pet project

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we  got this book earlier this year when mum + i went to mv logo’s hope in march. mickey mouse + his gang is my most favorite at the time so mum got me this one!

this book is all about the mickey mouse clubhouse pet parade + how his gang helped daisy in finding a pet of her own to bring to the parade.

donald brought her a baby elephant + daiy named her ruthie. the mickey mouse gang helped daisy bathe her with the aid of the rubber duckies from the mouseketool. goofy brought a giraffe + they measured its height by stacking blocks from the mouseketool.  minnie, on the other hand, brought a pet bunny  which she found eating carrots in the garden.

the gang had such great fun at the parade + minnie brought along all her 3 pets!

it should be fun having pets. i’d love to have a dog, a cat or a fish. how about you, what pet would you fancy having?

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