kids in doodles: my lightning mcqueen diecast car

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if you have been an avid reader of my blog, you should know by now that cars + lightning mcqueen are my absolute favorites + that i spend hours + hours playing with my little toy cars. that is why i am very excited to show you two of my favorites ~ my lightning mcqueen + tow mater die cast!

kids in doodles, my favorite things, cars, toy cars

dad bought me these in april when we went to the toy shop to buy presents for our twin neighbors who will be celebrating their birthday at the time. turns out, dad also bought a couple of gifts for me! 😉

kids in doodles, my favorite things, toy cars, Lightning Mcqueen, cars

we immediately opened mater as soon as we bought them + i was playing with it in the car on our way back home, just right before i fell asleep.  since then, me + my diecasts are inseparable. i play with them every single day + every chance i got. i also particularly loved their size which makes them fit perfectly into my tiny hands, makes it easy for me to grab them during playtime + make them zoom past our sofa or a makeshift wooden plank! 😉

it is now your turn to share your kids in doodles with us. check out the rules + the badges here + do not forget to check out the other participants 🙂

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playing in the greens before my swimming lessons

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one of the things we need to do before starting our swimming class is to stretch to get the muscles in condition. + there is a green, grassy patch where we do our stretching each day. apart from stretching, i also enjoy walking around this area of the resort where everything around me seems green ~ from the grass to the vines crawling on the wall + the ceilings, too. it was rather relaxing + enjoyable staying in this spot + mum kinda likes it, too!  🙂

playtime, summer, swimming class, toddler, green living

here are a few of the photos mum took one time i was playing at this green area. if she can, she would’ve probably preferred to have something similar like this at home or she’d probably want to frequent a place something similar. she said one of the best things for parents to do is exposing little children to nature + teaching them how to save it at an earlier age, that way they’d develop a certain love + appreciation for nature even at an early age,+ hopefully when it is their time, they’d lend a hand in saving the environment + ultimately, our planet. i know i will! 😉

 playtime, summer, swimming class, toddler, green living

it has been awhile since i’ve been to the resort + i am missing it a lot, as well as coach abbey + the rest of the coaches. mum said she will see if i can enroll for another round of lessons next month, otherwise i will have to wait until next summer so i can practice on my swimming again. hopefully it will be sooner, i cannot wait to get back into the water again 🙂

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kids in doodles: learning about shapes

kids in doodles, early childhood education

one of the things that i love learning about are the shapes. so far i have learned about the heart, crescent {which i fondly call “moon”}, square, triangle, circle, rectangle, oval + a whole lot more. although, i cannot pronounce them properly yet, i love saying their names + learning about their different shapes. mum is also quick to point out different things around me that has different shapes in them, like the ball, wheels + orange are circle while the door is rectangle.  my tita bel has also gifted me with a glitter shape book which i hope we will be able to share with you in my future posts. i was just reading that book last night after dinner 😉

+ recently, mum + i discovered this exciting video on youtube that teaches kids like me about shapes, too. + choo choo train is also one of my favorites! check out the video + i hope you enjoy learning shapes with it as much as i do!

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this corner’s top commentators for may

another month quickly ends + am here to give another round of “thank you’s” to those who’ve visited + left a comment or two on my posts. thanks to my top commentators for last month. the top commentator’s badge will be up on my sidebar for the whole month as a token! 🙂

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the cuddly bear image is not mine

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