pocoyo + the olympics

we were up until almost midnight last saturday watching the re-run of the olympics opening ceremony. i do not know much about it, but the grown-ups seemed so keen on watching it. my tita isabel + tito ken were at home for a visit that day so i was more than happy to be playing with them while we watched on the telly.

the opening ceremony included a parade of all the countries that are participating for this sporting event, + i just enjoyed the colorful costumes + uniforms, along with the colorful flags that one person from each group is holding. the olympics is hosted by the uk + the ceremony was held in a huge stadium in london. i love the lights + the fireworks afterwards.

anyway, i guess we are in an olympic frenzy still that is why my eyes, + mums, too!, where glued on this entertaining video of pocoyo about the olympics, when we discovered it on sunday.  it was fun watching one of my favorite characters, along with his bestfriends pato + ellie, carrying the olympic torch + checking out the different games that the athletes will participate in. we really loved it + thought we’d share it with the rest of you lot!

enjoy 😉

video is not mine

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