what we’re doing when we got sick

 toys, toddler

it was such a bummer when mum + i got sick about 2 months ago! i was not allowed to attend my swimming classes while i was nursing a fever + mum was a bit panicky when my temperature shoot up to 39.8 degrees. apart from applying cold compress on my body late at night, mum also had to put kool fever on my forehead. i also feel very uncomfortable whenever i throw up after every feeding time. mum had to give up giving me medication altogether since she knows it will just worsen the throwing-up condition.

toys, toddlers

it was a good thing that we found something worthwhile to as we wait for my condition to get better. one of mum’s friends, tita olga, gave me this book the last time we met. it was a construct + play book of toy story 3! we are to fold papers in order to create buzz, lotso, alien, + woody. of course it was mum who constructed the characters {dad made buzz for me, though}. they are a bit too much for my chubby little fingers. all i can do is hand out parts for mum to attach to whatever she’s fixing at the time.


we had loads of fun creating + enjoyed playing with them afterwards! my toy story paper figures now take the spots on our stairs where mum + i placed them for display 🙂

thanks tita olga for this fun, fun gift! 😉

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