lightning mcqueen postcard

my favorite things, lighting mcqueen

i was so thrilled to receive this lightning mcqueen postcard from one of mum’s postcard swapmates, tita clang, + we got it on mum’s birthday! you know what’s so special about this card? it was actually addressed to me + this is the very first postcard i ever received! how cool is that, right? πŸ˜‰

check out the short yet sweet message that was written on the back:

lightning mcqueen, my favorite things

Β thanks you tita for sending my very first postcard, i simply loved it! ^_^

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let’s party!

occasions, wordless wednesday, children's party

someone’s turning 3 + we ought to party! although my celebration isn’t due in 4 days, i am not sure what mum + dad planned for today. so here’s hoping for a wonderful third birthday + a great weather, too! πŸ˜‰

oops! this is supposed to be my very first entry to wordless wednesday! i hope it still qualifies πŸ˜‰

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kids in doodles: playing with stars

Β early learning, early childhood education, kids in doodles, playtime

one of my favorite things to do now is to play with stars, mum loves making them + placing them in bottles to be displayed in our home + while she busied herself with one of her favorite pastimes, i preoccupy myself with her finish products. here you’ll see me placing the little stars in this plastic bottle container. now i’ve moved on to pouring them from one bottle to another, one different container to the next. sure is a lot of fun! plus mum said it also keeps my little hands busy + helps me to work on my motor skills, so i guess it’s all good! πŸ™‚

early learning, early childhood education, kids in doodles, playtime

apart from counting them up + aiming to shoot them onto the plastic bottle, i also enjoy scattering them on the floor + retrieving them one by one with my mum. they might end up all over the floor + underneath the sofa, but we enjoy picking them up + keeping them in their container afterwards πŸ˜‰

early learning, early childhood education, kids in doodles, playtime

so what unsuspecting objects are you playing at home now? do share them with us, along with your doodle stories, too. don’t forget to put one of our kids in doodles badges on your post + visit the other players, too! a great weekend ahead everyone + i shall wait for your entries πŸ˜‰

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wooden door hanger giveaway winners!

giveaways, announcement

sorry it took us quite a while to get back to you about the winners of my wooden door hanger giveaway. the truth is mum was not able to get some answers when she contacted the seller online, so as stated in our giveaway post, we are awarding our lucky winners with $5 paypal cash instead.

again sorry for the unnecessary delay + without further ado, congrats to the following winners:

  • reese

  • january

if you like you can also opt for $5 worth of human heart nature products. up to you, really! just give me a buzz or leave your particulars in the comment below. thanks! ^_^

image is not mine

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kids in doodles: my old mcdonald’s had a farm puppet book

kids in doodles, books, my favorite things, puppets, board books

sorry mum’s a bit preoccupied with loads of things that it was only now that she gets to write this kids in doodle post. anyway, we’reΒ sharing one of my favorite toys of late ~ my old mcdonald’s had a farm board + puppet book. i bet you know how to song goes, right?

old mcdonald’s had a farm , ee-i-ee-i-o!

apart from 5 finger puppets of the farm animals cat, cow, dog, duck + pig, this book also comes wit the colorful board book featuring this catchy song! it is actually one of my fave songs, too, + mum + i would normally sing this during playtime at bath time πŸ™‚

kids in doodles, books, my favorite things, puppets, board books

anyway, aside from it being such a fun song to sing, it also teaches of the different sounds that each farm animal does + thanks to this song i learned early on that a cow makes the moo sound, while the dog makes the aw-aw sound! πŸ™‚ mum thrifted this board book, by the way, from cutesy patootie

kids in doodles, books, my favorite things, puppets, board books

let me know your thoughts about my board book? + while you’re here do not forget your doodles stories, too, right? + kindly add one of the badges found here on your post, as well. i’ll look forward to reading your entries guys! happy mid-week! ^_^

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