kids in doodles: my very first watercolor painting


kids in doodles, early learning

mum has been thinking of ways to pass our time more productively other than having too much time in front of the telly + recently she has put out some of the arts ‘n crafts supplies she bought for me a few months back. i have tried cutting {sort of, as my chubby little hands cannot tackle the safety scissors that well yet!} paper strips, + pasting googly eyes on my drawing pad. it was all fun + mum said i am also learning from these great activities.

kids in doodles, early learning

another one of those activities we’ve tried recently is watercolor painting. i wasn’t paying too much attention to this bit of blue box-y thing with different colors in it, so you can just imagine the smile on mum’s face when i suddenly ask her one day that we try out this intriguing stuff. mum excitedly got me some water + we started trying out the different shades of my watercolor. colors in my kit included blue, green, pink + yellow. check out what i have put together!  not much really, since i am still really having a difficult time controlling my strokes but mum said i’d get the hang of it eventually + will make more interesting paintings in the future. 😉

what can you say about my watercolor painting? drop me a comment or two, will you? do not forget to join in with your kids in doodles stories, too. badges to add to your post are found here!

i will see you then + keep safe + dry in this rainy season!  🙂

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