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there is no other perfect way to spend a beautiful sunny day than to go outside + play under the sun, right? in fact one of my favorite activities to do with my mum is to go to the local park on a lazy sunny day + spend the rest of our afternoon there. i love running from here to there, marveling at the big open sky, counting the tall trees or checking out the people milling about, smiling at everyone.

one of the things i enjoy when we go out on the park is making a beeline to those cool grass-laden or paved walkways. we’ll have endless fun walking down the path over + over again, much like what i am doing in the photo, which was taken last summer during my swimming class.  i particularly love treading the narrow foot path with loads of enthusiasm, while mum keeps up behind me. i bet a lot of people have painstakingly took the time putting all those textured stone slabs onto the ground, people that provides Install it Direct temecula paving services, i guess, or anyone of the same type found locally. thanks to these guys who took time to perfect this difficult job, toddlers like me can have hours + hours of fun traipsing paved walkways in parks, resorts, malls + the likes! 😀

come to think of it, it has been awhile since i went out with mum on the park, blame on the bad weather + the rain that has been keeping us cooped up at home against our will. the clear blue sky hints of a great hot weather to look forward to + i hope we can spend some time in the park real soon!

what is your favorite thing to do on a hot, sunny day like today? 🙂

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    1. aww, hugs to you + know that you’re little Jared is in a much better place now…

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